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From professional sport to everyday life


Toned and Dynamic Leg Spray and Fast Recovery Bandages.

Two products for the common public, but which are not a news for the most famous athletes in the world, who have been using them for years to eliminate fatigue and excess of fluids, common disorders even for mere mortals.

Humantecar® therefore wants to accompany the final consumer in everyday life, with a credible functional cosmetic line, because it was born and raised in physiotherapy at the service of the professional sport. Which has also consolidated over the years with the opening of several Humantecar® Centers, specialized in muscle recovery and in the treatment of osteoarticular and muscular pathologies.

The goal of the launch of the products, now even more accessible in terms of costs and easier to use, is to publicize the great importance of maintenance care, which finds in the Humantecar® Center, the indispensable point of reference for identifying those small signs of imbalance that could become complicated over time.

Improves stability, endurance and enhances with proprioceptive training barefoot.

Humantecar® MAT. Barefoot towards the control of the body.

From Humantecar® an innovation that regain an habit that by now it’s lost: the barefoot training. These are modular platforms that create different levels of instability. They stimulate pleasantly and naturally the microcirculation, the mechanoreceptors of the foot and stimulate the activity of nerve receptors that are found in tendons, muscles and joints and that determine the perception of the position of the body in space.

To different densities corresponds a different level of absorption of the movement that involves a greater intensity of the effort, therefore a greater energy consumption. A safe training, and in total absence of mechanical shock and osteoarticular overload.

The best training is at your home. With Multi-Soil.

Improve balance, strength, endurance. Enhance the effects of training and achieve goals in the best possible time. Multi-soil is a patented technology unique in the world, designed to train the body and help it to regain its functionality in a short time, thanks to intense stimulation of the foot.

A platform that encloses several irregular surfaces, for those who want to - even in small spaces - perform an intense training. Even at home, in your own bedroom or living room, you can now perform exercises, regain fitness, improve the athletic gesture of any sports discipline and even simulate a dance lesson.

The new era of functional training

Multi-Soil halves the time needed to achieve the goals, it increases muscle tone, strength, endurance and provides a waste of calories the 25% higher than the work performed on the ground, with scientifically proven results. Suitable for those who have little time and train in small spaces. To regain fitness in a pleasant, fast and safe way for everyone.

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